4.3-10 Product Family

The most effective new design element in network, DAS and cellular infrastructures is the 4.3-10 connector interface. This new system was designed specifically for mobile communications applications delivers optimal performance and improved network capacity while increasing RF density. More spectrums can be supported without increasing infrastructure footprint. The weight is 60% lower using 40% less space than 7-16 DIN connectors in the same applications. PIM performance is superior to that of 7-16 DIN and 4.1-9.5 interfaces. Even better, return loss and PIM performance is independent of torque applied and cable can be flexed with little detrimental effect. The 4.3-10 connector system is IP68 rated and will support up to 500 Watts at 2 GHz and meets IEC standard 61169-54.

In base stations the 4.3-10 is increasingly the interface of choice in remote radio heads, jumpers and antennas. Where RF signals must be terminated, combined or split in multiband, multi operator DAS applications 4.3-10 meets exacting electrical and RF performance.