Mobile Radio Coaxial Adapter Kit

  • RFA-4021


    Mobile Radio Coaxial Adapter Kit, 24 most popularly used adapters for mobile radio professionals, included are type UHF, N, and BNC in foam padded zipper case
    RFB-1130—  BNC T adapter BNC male to double BNC female
    RFB-1131—  BNC T adapter triple BNC female
    RFB-1132—  BNC right angle adapter BNC male to BNC female
    RFB-1133—  BNC male to BNC male
    RFB-1134—  BNC female to BNC female barrel adapter
    RFB-1136—  BNC male to UHF female
    RFB-1137—  BNC female to UHF male straight adapter
    RFB-1140—  BNC female to RCA male straight adapter
    RFN-1010-1—  N T adapter N male to double N female
    RFN-1011-1—  N T adapter Triple N female
    RFN-1012-1—  N adapter right angle N male to N female
    RFN-1013-1—  N adapter N female to N female straight adapter
    RFN-1014-1—  N adapter N male to N male straight adapter
    RFN-1035-1—  N male to UHF female straight adapter
    RFN-1036-1—  N female to UHF male straight adapter
    RFN-1037-1—  N male to BNC female straight adapter
    RRN-1038-1—  N female to BNC male straight adapter
    RFN-1039-1—  N female to BNC female straight adapter
    RFU-532—  UHF male to UHF female right angle adapter
    RFU-533—  UHF T adapter UHF male to double UHF female
    RFU-534—  UHF T adapter Triple UHF female
    RFU-536—  UHF female to UHF female straight adapter
    RFU-538—  UHF male to UHF male straight adapter
    RFU-545—  UHF female to BNC female

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